Return Policy


Warranty & Return Policy:


Craze Watches INC. does offer a warranty on ALL Products! 


The return policy is a 30 day exchange which will cover any manufacturer defects or damage during shipping. If you have any issues with your watch, simply email us at and someone will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your watch. Our 30 day warranty DOES NOT cover damage to the watch that is self inflicted. We WILL NOT accept exchanges if your watch is scratched, if the band is worn out, or if the batteries are damaged.


The battery life on these watches is (approximately) a 1 year life span. If the battery does die, It is very simple to change it. Remove the face of the watch from the band, turn it upside down, then unscrew the back plate with a small screwdriver. Remove the back piece and you will see the battery inside the watch. Simply replace the battery with a new battery. LED controlled battery is CR2016 3v and the Ticker battery is SR626SW / CR2016


.Thank You